Asset Recovery

Divestment and Asset Recovery Consultancy


Central Asset Management have worked on a variety of projects assisting dismantling/demolition contractors achieve best value for redundant assets within a facility.
With scrap credits at an all time low the asset recovery/divestment division of any demolition business now plays a major role. Our specialist team will assess any dismantling/demolition project and lay out the potential sales outcome and determine the best routes to market. We will guarantee best value utilising our in-house database of active buyers worldwide.
CAM will analyse each asset on its own merits, looking at both safety and commercial aspects and advise which assets should be recovered prior to or during dismantling/demolition operations. Our services are completely transparent and a full audit trail will be issued on completion.

CAM can advise on asset resale opportunities as early as tender stage allowing you to build in credits to put forward in your demolition/dismantling proposal making sure you have maximum commercial knowledge of potential values.

Assets previously sold by CAM:

  • Storage Equipment - Tanks, Mixing Vessels, Reactors

  • Power Equipment - Turbines, boilers, Generators

  • Plant Equipment - Chillers, Blenders, Motors, Pumps, Driers, Condensers, Compressors

  • Factory Equipment - Warehouse Racking, Machinery

We have proven experience and active buyers in many sectors including:

  • Chemical

  • Petrochemical

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil & Gas

  • Electronics & Semiconductor

  • Paper, Pulp

  • Food & Drink

  • Packaging & Bottling

  • Warehousing & Storage

  • Heavy Plant & Equipment

To discuss your upcoming projects and resale potential contact us now for an informal chat.

Patrick Keir
t. 01324 578642
m. 07500091886

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