Find a disposal solution that is right for your business

Central Asset Management offer a complete asset recovery solution for redundant company assets. We dispose of industrial assets through a variety of means including bespoke online auctions, private treaty sales and tender sales.

In conjunction with our auction partner Bidspotter we regularly broadcast live auctions to over 600,000 active buyers worldwide! BidSpotter is the world leader in industrial online auctions. 

Whatever the value or volume of your equipment, you need to be able to choose a method of disposal that is right for you whilst maximising your revenue return for your business.

Whether you're downsizing your business, closing a factory, decommissioning a plant or just looking to generate some cash, your redundant assets could provide a valuable revenue stream. But knowing how best to maximise income from your reusable assets may not always be straightforward. That's where we can help. The range of our activities encompasses the whole of the industry sector, with sales often arranged at short notice to accommodate the needs of clients.

With our specialist knowledge and expertise we will manage the whole process for you, from valuing to the marketing and sale of all types of industrial machinery and equipment.

At Central Asset Management we provide asset recovery services to clients in a wide range of sectors including blue chip companies, private limited companies, insolvency practitioners and independent businesses.

Assets previously sold with us:

Cars & Commercial Vehicles, Catering Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage Production Equipment, General Collective Items, IT Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Metalworking Equipment, Office Furniture, Plant & Machinery, Trade Stocks, Surplus Stocks, Woodworking Equipment.

Speak with our sales team to discuss your disposal requirements today!



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